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What is index trade?


The stock index of financial transactions, namely the CFD (Contract for Difference), a kind of margin trade, refers to the trading mode not involving the exchange of physical commodity or security, and only taking the balance of settlement price and contract price for cash settlement. After closing, investors will pay or receive the profits or losses incurred in the transaction. The CFDs reflect the performance of stocks or index, and traders can benefit from them without actually owning a stock, allowing traders to carry out transactions in index and commodity markets by taking advantage of leverage on the spot market without actually buying relevant securities. It is a kind of margin trade, and like actual stock trading, the difference between the bid price and ask price determines the profit and loss.



Price limit


Some of the trading products offered are price-limited to ensure the balance of the foreign exchange trading volume, and the temporary pause of fair is mainly to avoid severe market volatility. It is only a few minutes from the pause of fair to the return of market equilibrium, and then transaction will be restarted with a new price. When the transaction is suspended, XCOQ will stop providing quotes until the transaction is resumed. For the usual NDI and SPI 500, when the approximate price limit of NDI, SPI 500, and DJI falls 5%, 10%, 15% and finally hits 20%, the fair will be suspended.