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 XXXXXXXXX, headquartered in New York, was established in 2002, and carried out fund business in 2005. It acquired the Regulatory Foreign Exchange License 0502205 of NFA (National Futures Association) in 2016.
The PRS Group provides services including financial market transactions, fund management, logistics, real estate, education, etc., and it also provides investors with online-trade services of financial derivative instruments such as foreign exchange, precious metals, and GFDS CFDs, as well as professional financial service providers of trading solutions for global private banks, hedge fund managers and private investors. It has branches in London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Dubai and Tokyo, whose business scope covers hundreds of countries and regions, making great contribution to the economy and investment of various countries. Among them, the financial market trading services managed by the corporate headquarter (COMPANY NUMBER: 0502205) in New York (the global financial center) are still the largest and most extensive business.
Business Condition
As an industry leader, the PRS Group always takes advantage of superior resources to be fully engaged in the financial transaction industry. And the PRS Group in New York Trading Center provides the individual investors, hedge fund and corporate investors with a 24-hour financial transaction service, using the most stable MT4 trading platform at present, fast, steady and fair trading implementation functions and all-round services of the best investors.